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CHAPTER 15 Package Administration

15.3 Swmtool

swmtool is an X-windows GUI to the package commands. In later versions it's part of Admintool. With it you can install, upgrade, or remove the software packages on a local or remote system. Starting with Solaris 2.5 it's now part of the Admintool set of programs. It checks /var/sadm/install/contents for the packages installed. To use it bring up the tool, and select "Add" under the "Edit" menu to install new software.

In the pop-up menu specify the source to use, click on the desired action and let it go to work. e.g., for the SunSoft Workshop Developers Products CDROM specify the CDROM mount point as below.

Click on "OK" and the tool will automatically read the package information from the CDROM and provide you with the choice of install options, as below.

Click on the desired package and start the install.

Clicking on SPARCompiler C 4.0 and then choosing "Customize..." brings the next pop-up menu so that you can customize the installation process and start the install.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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