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CHAPTER 15 Package Administration

15.1 Packages

SVR4 compliant software must be distributed in package format. SunOS 5.X and all unbundled Solaris 2 products are released in this format. Third party software should also be distributed as packages. There are a number of utilities to install, remove, and keep track of the various packages on your system. They keep extensive logs of what's actually installed on your system. There is also an OpenWindows GUI tool, swmtool, that you can use to perform the functions of the following package commands.

Packages can be on tapes or CDROM. On CDROM the package has a directory hierarchy with subdirectories and files, along with possible scripts to control the installation.

15.1.1 - pkginfo
15.1.2 - pkgadd
15.1.3 - pkgrm
15.1.4 - pkgchk
15.1.5 - Package Log Files

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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