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CHAPTER 14 Administration Tool & Solstice Adminsuite

14.3 Services Managed

The SunOS 5.5+ version of admintool and solstice provide access to the following service functions:
FunctionAdministration ToolSolstice AdminSuite
Database ManagerNoYes
User ManagerYesYes
Group ManagerYesYes
Host ManagerYesYes
Printer ManagerYesYes
Serial Port ManagerYesYes
Software ManagerYesNo

When invoking solstice you should see a display similar to the following, from which you can select your choice of management tool.

14.3.1 - Database Manager
14.3.2 - Host Manager
14.3.3 - Print Manager
14.3.4 - User Manager
14.3.5 - Serial Port Manager

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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