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CHAPTER 14 Administration Tool & Solstice Adminsuite

14.1 Admintool

The Administration Tool, admintool, uses a graphical user interface under OpenWindows, to allow you to administer a number of administrative databases on the network. It users a distributed administrative framework to allow you to perform system administrative functions over the network. You can add new systems, setup printers, and add new user accounts.

Members of the sysadmin group (gid 14) are allowed to modify the databases, both locally and remotely (pre SunOS 5.5), if they are also a member of the sysadmin group on the remote system. Members can create, delete, and modify the databases, while non-members have read-only permission on the databases. So, in general, if you are a member of the sysadmin group, you can run admintool under your own user id, and are not required to run it as root. NIS+ has it's own method of security, so in addition to being a member of the sysadmin group one needs to have the appropriate permissions on the NIS+ tables to be changed. The sysadmin group, by default, does not exist on the system. You will need to create this group first if you want to use it.

With SunOS 5.5 the remote database functions have been relegated to Solstice Adminsuite, and Admintool only functions on local databases.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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