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11.3 /etc - system and network configuration

11.3.2 SunOS 5.X, configuration files and directories

aliases -> ./mail/aliases asppp.cf* auto_home

auto_master bootparams cron.d/

default/ defaultdomain defaultrouter

dfs/ dt/ dumpdates

ethers format.dat fs/

group hostname.le0 hosts -> ./inet/hosts

hosts.allow hosts.deny inet/

inetd.conf -> ./inet/inetd.conf init.d/ inittab

issue lib/ logindevperm

lp/ magic mail/

mnttab motd net/

netconfig netmasks -> ./inet/netmasks networks -> ./inet/networks

nodename nscd.conf nsswitch.conf

nsswitch.files nsswitch.nis nsswitch.nisplus

ntp.conf opt/ passwd

path_to_inst profile protocols -> ./inet/protocols

publickey* rc0 -> ../sbin/rc0* rc0.d/

rc1 -> ../sbin/rc1* rc1.d/ rc2 -> ../sbin/rc2*

rc2.d/ rc3 -> ../sbin/rc3* rc3.d/

rc5 -> ../sbin/rc5* rc6 -> ../sbin/rc6* rcS -> ../sbin/rcS*

rcS.d/ remote resolv.conf

rmmount.conf rmtab rpc

saf/ security/ sendmail.cf -> mail/sendmail.cf

services -> ./inet/services shadow shells

skel/ ssh_config ssh_host_key

ssh_host_key.pub ssh_known_hosts ssh_random_seed

sshd_config syslog.conf system

termcap -> ../usr/share/lib/termcap ttydefs utmp -> ../var/adm/utmp

utmpx -> ../var/adm/utmpx vfstab vold.conf

wtmp -> ../var/adm/wtmp wtmpx -> ../var/adm/wtmpx

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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