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9.1 SunOS 4.1.X

9.1.4 Adding a Modem

Under SunOS 4.1.X it is not necessary to modify the kernel when adding a standard modem, as it was under earlier versions of SunOS. However, if you add modem boards you may still need to modify the kernel. The new feature in SunOS4.1.x is the ttysoftcar command. You will need to make sure the device file exists for the modem and that the configuration files have been properly changed. The steps to take are:

1. cd /dev - go to the devices directory

mknod device_name c major# minor# - create the special device file

vi /etc/ttytab - edit and change, as needed

kill -HUP 1 - send init a hangup signal

ttysoftcar -a - reset the ttys to their appropriate values, based on the /etc/ttytab "status" entry

vi /etc/remote - edit as needed - Make the device node - Edit /etc/ttytab - Reinitialize init - Execute ttysoftcar - Edit /etc/remote

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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