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CHAPTER 8 Kernel Configuration

8.4 Digital UNIX

Digital UNIX recommends that you be in single user mode when building the kernel. The steps to follow are:

1. cp /vmunix /vmunix.save - save the old kernel

cp /genunix /vmunix - install the generic kernel to be the running kernel

/usr/sbin/shutdown -r +5 - shutdown the system

Log on as root and take the system down to single user mode

/usr/sbin/shutdown +1

mount /usr - remount the /usr file system

/usr/sbin/doconfig - you will be prompted for system configuration information. If you need to edit the resulting configuration file answer "yes" at the prompt. The new kernel will then be built and the path to it will be displayed.

mv /sys/DECOSF/vmunix /vmunix - move the kernel from the path displayed in the step above to the root directory

/usr/sbin/shutdown -r now - reboot the system

If the system fails to boot you can reboot to single user mode using the generic kernel (/genunix) and try again.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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