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8.2 SunOS 5.X

8.2.3 Device Configuration

During the boot process devices are identified and new ones are automatically added to /devices and /dev. So you no longer have to execute MAKEDEV to configure the new devices. The equivalent is done for you with the new automatic reconfiguration process when you boot.

The Solaris 2.X system is responsible for assigning an unused major number when you add a device, so these should not be hard-coded into the drivers. Minor numbers are assigned by the driver.

Should you need to reconfigure the /devices directory you can do this with the drvconfig command. This should create the /devices directory tree from the attached hardware. It uses the dev_info tree of the kernel. The devices should be powered on when you run this command. Normally this is done for you whenever a new driver is installed with the add_drv utility and you reboot the system with the -r option. drvconfig uses the file /etc/minor_perm to determine the permissions to apply to the devices and the file /etc/name_to_major to assign major device numbers.

Use the utility prtconf to display the devices configured on your system.

# prtconf

System Configuration: Sun Microsystems sun4m

Memory size: 64 Megabytes

System Peripherals (Software Nodes):


packages (driver not attached)

disk-label (driver not attached)

deblocker (driver not attached)

obp-tftp (driver not attached)

options, instance #0

aliases (driver not attached)

openprom (driver not attached)

iommu, instance #0

sbus, instance #0

espdma, instance #0

esp, instance #0

sd (driver not attached)

st (driver not attached)

sd, instance #0 (driver not attached)

sd, instance #1

sd, instance #2 (driver not attached)

sd, instance #3

sd, instance #4 (driver not attached)

sd, instance #5

sd, instance #6

SUNW,bpp (driver not attached)

ledma, instance #0

le, instance #0

SUNW,lpvi, instance #0

SUNW,bpp (driver not attached)

cgsix, instance #0

power-management (driver not attached)

SUNW,CS4231, instance #0

afx-misc (driver not attached)

obio, instance #0

zs, instance #0

zs, instance #1

eeprom (driver not attached)

slavioconfig (driver not attached)

auxio (driver not attached)

counter (driver not attached)

interrupt (driver not attached)

power (driver not attached)

SUNW,fdtwo, instance #0

memory (driver not attached)

virtual-memory (driver not attached)

FMI,MB86904 (driver not attached)

pseudo, instance #0

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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