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8.1 SunOS 4.1.X

8.1.1 Kernel configuration files

Templates for the kernel configuration can be found in the directory /usr/share/sys/sun[3,3x,4,4c,4m]/conf. Some of the templates are: DL60 - diskless 4/60 (SS2)

DLS60 - diskless 4/60 with local swap

GENERIC - default (all general supported devices)

GENERIC_SMALL - default for generic_small (8 SCSI disks, 4 SCSI tapes, 2 CDROMs)

Makefile.src - makefile for the compilation

NFS60 - to boot a disk-equipped machine from a server

README - detailed directions for building the kernel

SDST60 - 4/60 with SCSI disks and tapes

Normally you will configure the kernel to match the hardware of a system e.g. disk(s)/diskless, tape(s), color monitor, etc.
Reconfiguring the kernel should save memory space and allow the kernel to execute faster.
Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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