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7.6 IRIX 5.X

7.6.1 Installation

When you boot your SGI machine you'll have a few seconds to press the "Stop for Maintenance" button on the "Starting up the System" window. From there you'll be given the choices:

Select "Install System Software" with the mouse. Then choose the source, e.g. "Local CD-ROM", for the software. The miniroot, including the installation tool, inst, will be copied from CDROM to swap on the local disk. The system will then reboot from swap, putting you into the miniroot. Run inst, from which you'll be given the "Inst> " prompt. At this point you have various options available to you with inst. You can use list to list the software, e.g. "list * *" will list all the packages available. Then install will add the product to the list to be installed, along with the defaults already marked, e.g. "install print.man.bsdlpr" to choose the man pages for the BSD style line printer package. After choosing your software type "go" to start the installation. When the installation is completed you can "quit" from the inst tool and reboot the system.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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