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7.3 SunOS 5.X

7.3.9 Installation Files

The installation programs keep a record of the packages and files installed on the system in the /var/sadm directory.

/var/sadm/install_data - contains a CLUSTER file listing the installed clusters, and a log file of the installation, install_log.

/var/sadm/install - the contents file in this directory keeps a listing of the various packages installed on the system and their locations, permissions, ownership, and the package with which they are associated.

/var/sadm/softinfo - the INST_RELEASE and Solaris_2.X files in this directory contain the OS name and version number.

/var/sadm/pkg - the subdirectories here represent every software package installed on your system. Each subdirectory contains a file describing the package and another listing the files associated with the package.

/var/sadm/patch - there is a subdirectory here for each patch installed, with files to describe the patch and the package and files associated with it. There's also a script to backout the patch should that become necessary. If you're short of space in /var/sadm you can install the patch with the "-d" option to prevent saving the original files. In that case you won't be able to backout the patch.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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