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7.3.7 Setting Up an Install Server Booting the Client

The server needs to be running the Reverse Address Resolution Protocol and the bootparam daemons, rarpd and rpc.bootparamd, respectively. You should create the directory, /tftpboot if it doesn't already exist on the server. The boot program will be copied here when you add each client.

You cannot boot Solaris 2.X through a router. The install server must be on the same subnet as the client. You don't, however, need to have a complete install server on each subnet. You can have a pared down boot server on the subnet with the kernel architecture required for those subnet clients, and a full install server on another subnet.

After adding the machine as a client of the install server halt and boot the client from the network:

# halt

ok boot net

After the client completes the boot process the suninstall program is invoked automatically.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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