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7.3 SunOS 5.X

7.3.5 Installation

The installation process has three levels. Sysidtool prompts for system identification information. SunInstall does the installation. Admintool is a GUI tool used to add new users, set-up diskless clients, manage printers and databases.

Installation consists of:

1. Save the previous configuration and data files.

Boot from CDROM.

Provide sysidtool the system identification information.

Provide SunInstall the installation information.

Choose the Quick or Custom Install option.

For a server - identify diskless clients and the architectures to be supported.

Select the desired software.

Configure the disks to support the desired software and clients.

Start the installation.

Customize your system. - Pre-Installation Information

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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