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7.3 SunOS 5.X

7.3.4 Partition Planning

All partitions can now be adjusted during SunInstall. You no longer need to run format before starting the installation. Unbundled applications usually have a default installation directory of /opt (for optional). Packages that might previously have tried to install into /usr/lang or /usr/local now suggest /opt/SUNWxxx as their default directory.

Its now possible to have smaller swap space than RAM, as idle processes are not automatically swapped out. This was discussed in the section on swapfs in an earlier chapter.

Sun's suggestions for disk partitioning are as follows. I would suggest that for a server you increase / and /opt, and add a /var partition. For a standalone machine you might have only two partitions: one for the software and one for swap.

Server Disk Partitions, always
File SystemMinimumDefaultMaximum Req.My Recommendation
/ (root)12 Mbytes16 Mbytes17 Mbytes20 Mbytes
swap80 Mbyte3 times the memoryvariesvaries
/usr30 Mbytes160 Mbytes181 Mbytes220 Mbytes
/opt5 Mbytes5 Mbytesvariesvaries
/varnonepart of /none30 Mbytes; larger for servers
Client SunOS VersionFile SystemEach Diskless ClientEach Release
5.X/export/root20 Mbytes10 Mbytes
 /export/swap24 Mbytes 
 /export/exec 15 Mbytes
4.X/export/root16 Mbytes 
 /export/exec15 Mbytes/sun4 client arch80 Mbytes

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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