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7.2 SunOS 4.1.X

7.2.3 Installation Example

Install the miniroot: Insert boot tape and at the PROM prompt type:

>b tape -or- ok boot tape


>b st() for old Sun4c/Sun4/Sun3

or boot cdrom

>b cdrom -or- ok boot cdrom


>b sd(0,6,2) for old Sun4c

>b sd(0,30,1) for Sun4

After successfully installing the miniroot you'll be presented with the choice;

What would you like to do:

1 - install SunOS mini-root

2 - exit to single user shell

Enter a 1 or 2:

If you enter 1 you'll be given the opportunity to select, format, and relable the disk. Disks purchased from Sun are formatted at the factory so you shouldn't need to reformat them. You may wish to relable them to change partition sizes.

Once the mini-root is installed on your disk's swap space you'll be presented with:

Mini-root installation complete.

What would you like to do?

1 - reboot using the just-installed miniroot

2 - exit into single user shell

Enter a 1 or 2:

Exit to single user mode and start the installation:

# suninstall

... (many screens and questions to configure your system; installation of the chosen software)

# reboot

>b sd(0,0,0) -or- >b sd() -or- >b

The default boot device can be set with the program eeprom, e.g.:

# eeprom bootdev=sd\(0,0,0\).

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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