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7.2 SunOS 4.1.X

7.2.1 Boot CDROM contents:

The SunOS 4.1.4 (Solaris 1.1.2) CDROM, which includes the latest BSD version of SunOS, allows for both a full install and an upgrade from earlier versions of SunOS 4.1.X. The CD conforms to the hsfs file system. You can mount it and look at it under SunOS. If you do this you will see that the top level directory contains the subdirectories: export, patches, and sunupgrade. Under /export there are the subdirectories: exec and share. /export/share contains the manual pages. /export/exec holds the necessary executables to install the OS. The files are in uncompressed tar format. Under /export/exec we have (in 512 byte blocks):

4 kvm/
512 proto_root_sunos_4_1_4*
4 sun4_sunos_4_1_4/

4 sun4_sunos_4_1_4/ (kernel contained on boot file 1 on the CDROM)
4 sun4c_sunos_4_1_4/ (kernel contained on boot file 2 on the CDROM)
4 sun4m_sunos_4_1_4/ (kernel contained on boot file 3 on the CDROM)

/export/exec/kvm/sun4c_sunos_4_1_4: (similar sub-directories for Sun4 and Sun4m)
10400 kvm*
14000 miniroot_sun4c*
11216 sys*
13 xdrtoc*

5856 debugging* 8128 demo*
6288 games* 3568 graphics*
1952 install* 2096 networking*
15264 openwindows_demo* 19040 openwindows_fonts*
46400 openwindows_programmers* 67024 openwindows_users*
1808 rfs* 640 security*
2752 shlib_custom* 1024 sunview_demo*
3680 sunview_programmers* 5328 sunview_users*
8016 system_v* 1424 text*
96 tli* 15376 user_diag*
57888 usr* 1216 uucp*
11920 versatec*

4 sunos_4_1_4:
14992 manual

Since the files are tar formatted archives, so you can readily retrieve any files later on, as needed.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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