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CHAPTER 6 Startup and Shutdown

6.5 SGI Indy PROM

When you turn on the power to your Indy workstation the System Startup Notifier is displayed and you're given the option to "Stop for Maintenance". Click on the icon or press <Esc> to display the System Maintenance Menu. Click on "Enter Command Mode" or type 5 at the menu. You're then presented with the ">> " prompt. From this menu you can specify a boot device, list the PROM environment variables with printenv or set them with setenv, etc. To specify a boot device and disk partition or kernel, other than the defaults, use the form:

>> boot dksc(controller#,unit#,file#)pathname

where the controller# is the host bus adapter # (always 0 if you only have one SCSI bus), the unit# is the disk drive #, and file# is the partition on the drive, and pathname is the path to the kernel.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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