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6.4 Sun PROM

6.4.2 Sun Boot PROM search sequence

The legal boot devices known by the EEPROM can be determined by

>b ?

This also gives the order the devices are polled; these devices may or may not be present.

On newer systems you can determine the SCSI devices on the system bus with:

ok probe-scsi

and on all SCSI busses with:

ok probe-scsi-all

Newer machines use the OpenBoot PROM with device names that specify the hardware controlling the device, as shown in Chapter 3, but also accept shorthand notation to specify the disk devices. In the latter "disk" represents the disk device on the main SCSI bus with SCSI target ID of 3, "disk1" has target ID 1, "disk2" has target ID 2, "disk3" has target ID 0, and "cdrom" has target ID 6.

PROM environmental variables can be read with the printenv command and set with setenv command when at the "ok" prompt.

To stop the machine and perform a manual boot type "STOP-A" then specify the device, e.g.:

>b st() -or- ok boot cdrom -or- ok boot disk

When the boot operations are completed the kernel is loaded and control passes to it.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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