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CHAPTER 6 Startup and Shutdown

6.2 Run Levels (SunOS 5.X, IRIX 5.X)

Solaris 2 and IRIX 5.X have eight run levels, 0-6,s or S. The following table identifies the modes for these run levels.

System Run Levels
Run LevelFunctionCommand
0PROM monitor level (power-down)init 0, shutdown -i0, halt
1,S,sSingle-user modeinit 1, shutdown -i1
2Multi-user mode, NO resources sharedinit 2, shutdown -i2
3Multi-user mode, resources sharedinit 3, shutdown -i3
4Alternative multi-user mode (not currently used) 
5Halt and software Poweroff the systeminit 5, shutdown -i5
6Halt and reboot to default stateinit 6, shutdown -i6, reboot

You can determine the current run state with the command

# who -r

. run-level 3 Feb 22 08:54 3 0 S

Additionally, init responds to the q or Q run levels, which cause init to reread /etc/inittab.

Digital UNIX has run levels 0,2,3,q,s.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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