Using Scenes

When you want to create a long movie having many animations in it, you can divide the whole movie into small segments. These small segments are called as Scene. The Scenes will run one by one automatically or as defined. 

To create a Scene follow the steps given below:

1. When you done with creating first Scene go to Insert and select 
    Scene. This will open a new blank Stage and Timeline. You can create
    your new Scene here. 
                                       Insert > Scene

2. To go to the other Scene you already have created,  click on the icon 
     and select the Scene you want to go to.

The other way to create new Scene is,

1. Go to Modify in the toolbar and select Scene.

                                         Modify > Scene
    This option will open a window as shown below.

You can Duplicate. Add or Delete the Scene using icons at the lower right corner of the Scene window.