Setting Movie Properties
You should set your movie properties before starting to create an animation or a movie . You can set the following properties :
 1. Frame Rate: The frame rate you set will be for the entire animation.
 2. Dimentions: You can set the dimensions of your animation i.e width  
     and height of the screen of your animation.  
 3. Background Color: YOu can set the background color for your 

To set the movie properties use the steps given below:

1. Go to 
     Modify > Movie
    or right click( for Windows user) on the stage and select movie 

2. The window that will open is as shown below.

3. First write the desired frame rate in the box infront of  the Frame Rate.
    The number you write will be frame s per second for your animation.
4. Before chosing the Dimensions you should chose the Ruler Units.
    So chose the desired Ruler Unit for the dimensions of your animation.
    You can chose Pixels, Inches, Centimeters or Millimeters.

5. Now you can set the desired dimentions of your animation screen.   
    Enter the desired Width and Height for your animation in the boxes 
    infront of the Dimensions. 

6. To select the background color click on the color box infront of 
     the Background Color and select the desired color.

7. To the properties you have selected click OK.