Example 1 

Lets create a simple animation to learn few basics of the Flash. Follow the steps given below.

1. Open the Flash program.

2. Go to File and selectNew.
    File > New 

3. Set Movie Properties.To set movie properties go to Modify and select Movie.
    Modify > Movie
    Thewindow that will appear is as shown below.

Set,            Frame Rate = 8 fps, 
                  Dimensions: Width = 550, Height = 400
                  For Dimensions set Ruler Units to Pixels.
                  Background Color = White 
     And then click OK.

4. Go to Insert and select New Symbol. Select the symbol behavior as 
    Graphics and name as circle. Draw a circle on the Stage 
    using the Oval tool  in the TooBox.  See the section Creating 
    Symbols for reference. The circle will take place in the first frame of 
    first layer as shown below. Name the layer as Circle.

5. Click on the icon   at the upper left corner of the window to 
    go back to Scene1 from the symbol editing window.

6. This circle symbol is now in the library so open the library to use the 
    circle for your animation.

7. Now draw a image as shown below on the stage of Scene1.

    To draw the slanted line select the line tool  in the toolbox and 
    draw a slanted line as shown in the figure. To draw the image of the 
    container select the rectagle tool   in the tool box. To get rid of the
    fill color of the rectangle, deselect the fill by selecting the fill color 
    option(as shown in the picture below)

   and deselect the icon shown by the arrow in the image shown above. 
   Now draw the rectangle of the size as shown below. To give it a look of 
   container select the arrow tool  .  Using the arrow tool select the 
   upper portion of the rectangle and delete it so that it will look like the 
   container shown in the picture. 
   Now this image will be on the first frame of the first layer. Name the 
   layer as "Ground" by double clicking on the layer name. 

8. Now insert a new layer . To insert a new layer go to 
                               Insert > Layer 
     Name the layer as "circle". 

9. While the circle layer is selected, drag the circle from the library to the 
    stage. And place the circle on the top point of the slanted line.

10. Now insert a frame at frame no. 15 of the Ground layer. For that 
      select the frame no. 15 of the Ground Layer and go to
                              Insert > Frame

11. Insert a Keyframe on the frame no. 2  and frame no. 11 of the circle 
      layer. For that select the frame no. 2 of the circle layer and go to 
                              Insert > Keyframe 

     again do same for the frame no. 11.

12. Select the frame no. 11 of the circle layer and place the circle at the 
       bottom most point of the slanted line. Also rotate the circle using the 
       rotate option.

13. Select the Frame no. 2 of the circle layer and create motion tween. 
       For that go to 
                      Insert > Create Motion Tween

14. Again insert a keyframe on the frame no. 15 of the circle layer and 
       place the circle in the container at this frame. Also create motion 
       tween on the frame no. 11 of the circle layer.

15. At this point you can go and test your scene.

16. To create some sort of interactivity to your animation create a button 
      as shown in the picture below and name is as "Start". For that go to 
                               Insert > New Symbol 
      Select the symbol behavior as button and than follow the steps of 
    create button section of this tutorial.

17.  Go back to Scene1 and insert a new layer. name the layer as 
       "Button". While the Button layer is selected ,drag the start button on 
        the stage  and place it at the bottom right corner of the stage.

18. Insert a new layer again and name is as "Sound". 

19. Now go to 
     Window > Common Libraries > Sounds 

20.Insert a blank keyframe on the frame no. 10 of the Sound layer. For 
     that go to 
                                         Insert  > Blank Keyframe
     while this blank keyframe is selected drag the sound named "Book 
     Drops" on the stage from the common sound libraries.

21. Now you need to add some actions to your animation to make it 
      interactive. For that first of all select the Start Button on the stage and
      open Actions window. Double click on the "On Mouse Event" action 
      under the Basic Actions. Than double click on the " Go To" action 
      under the Basic Actions and type in 2 infront of the frame option as 
      shown in the picture below.

22. Now select the frame no.1 of the circle layer and insert "Stop" action 
      under the Basic Actions. For inserting action youcan refer to the 
    Adding Actions section of the tutorial. 

23. Also add a "Stop" action to the frame no. 15 of the circle layer.

24. You have created the animation so you can go and test the
      animation. Click Hereto see how should the animation look like.

25. Now go and save the animation as "Example" and publish the 
      animation. THis way you will get three files 
                     1. Example.fla
                     2. Example.html
                     3. Example.swf