Creating Symbols

Symbols are reusable images that  reduce the file size of your Flash Movie.  When you create a symbol it automatically is stored into the Library. You can drag and drop an instance of the symbol from the Library to the Stage whenever needed. You can create three types of symbols - Graphics, Buttons and Movie clips. 

1. For static images you can use graphic symbols.

2. To create interactive buttons in the movie that respond to mouse clicks
    or rollovers you can use button symbols. To assign actions to buttons 
    go to Adding Actions  section. Before that it is better to go through 
    this section.

3. To create reusable pieces of animation you can use movie clip 
    symbols. To see movie clip animation you need to go to the Test 
    Scene option as described in the Previewing Animation section. You 
    can not see the actual animation of the movie clip symbol in Flash 
    authoring environment. 

You can use the steps written below to create symbols:

1. Go to        Insert > New Symbol
    A window will open as shown below.

2. Name the symbol and select one of the Behaviors - Movie Clip, 
    Button or Graphics.
    A symbol editing window will open as shown below.

   The symbol editing window can be identified by the icon shown by the 
    Scene icon in the upper left hand corner above the layer.  For different 
    symbol type the icons will be like as shown below.

    Graphics Symbol

     Button Symbol 

    Movie Clip Symbol 

3. Draw the desired symbol on the stage of the editing window. The 
    image will get  placed in the Library and you can use it whenever 
    needed. For the Graphic symbol draw the desired object and for the 
    Movie Clip symbol create any animation you will need more than 
    once. When you select the symbol behavior as button the editing 
    window will look as shown below. When you are done with creating a 

    symbol, you can go back to the Scene window by clicking the Scene  icon. You can drag the desired symbols on the Stage from 
    the Library whenever needed.

To create the Button Symbol follow the steps below: 

1. Draw the desired shape of the Button on the Stage while the frame 
    named as Up is selected. Up frame holds the image of the button 
    without any mouse events on the Button.

2. Insert a Keyframe in the frame showed as Over and change the 
    properties of  the object as desired. Here you can create the effect of 
    mouse over i.e you can set the properties of the Button as it should 
    look like when the user place the mouse over it.You can change 
    defferent properties of an object. Click  to see the properties you can 

3. Insert a Keyframe in the frame showed as Down and change the 
    Properties of the object as desired on mouse click event. 

4. You can define the part of the Button which should be active i.e where 
    the user should click the mouse. Insert a Keyframe on the Hit area 
    and draw the desired shape on the button where you want the user to