I took the name Anonoymah when I was 14 years old. I invented the name, which was a combination of the word anonymus and my name, Susannah. It is otherwise symbolic because the shortened version, Anon, means by and by (as seen in the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet, where I first became acquainted with it). The name Anon also reflects my love of etimology, as it is an interesting case. It originally meant immediately, but by Elizabethian times, it held the definition of by and by, though it has now fallen almost entirely out of use.

When I first started using a computer, in the fall of 1997 when I started college, I took the online name Anonoymah. Anon and Anonoymah became my online aliases. I never published anything under the name Anon or Anonoymah.

Anonoymah has evolved from a pen name to an online alias for me, but it is still, first and foremost, my pen name (although I've had a few things published in my maiden name).

Not to brag about that. I had a poem published in an anthology when I was twenty, and when I was eleven, a poem and and essay I wrote were published in a student magazine. Other than that, the only things I've ever had published have been in small newspapers and newsletters.

Some of my poems are actually copyrighted, and I feel safe putting these on the Web, but all the others I am strictly keeping in my notebooks, for fear someone else will claim them. All the poetry on this page is copyrighted, and may not be reproduced for any reason without contacting me.

Here are some of my poems:

A Girl With A Letter In Her Name

i apologize for being myself.
i swear it won't happen again.
Who is this person you hate?
A girl with a letter in her name.

It was never my intention
To cost you anything.
i never asked to be born.
i'm here because you wanted me to be.

Yet, Dr. Frankenstein,
You detest your own creation.
You run away from it in the night,
A girl with a letter in her name.

Where can i go to not disturb you?
Where can i go so you can sleep at night?
There's no place else to run to,
Nowhere to hide from you.

You made me to live through me,
But i wasn't what you wanted.
Cast me off to live without Life,
A girl with a letter in her name.


The Colour Of Your Eyes

Tears, streaming down the blue body
Of an electric guitar, sounds of a
Generation gone mad.
Deism and atheism,
Fear for immortal souls,
And a brown leather jacket.
Small talk of things Doric, Ionic, and
Corinthian--I too caught up with Corinthians to see the
Northern Lights.
Deceit and mistrust sprung from
A musical conversation,
A dark confession in a darker place.
With pride too large to forgive at the time,
With legalism instead of grace.
A night of hidden sorrows,
And one ignorant fool.
A house of tears with one single smile.
A guitar, a song, three friends, a stranger.
Falling into a chair.
And then, the realization.
I never knew the colour of your eyes.


I remember
When these old jeans were new,
The first time I wore them,
I went to see you.
You were, to me,
All the world and more.
Now, as I put on the stained, tattered, faded, torn
I think of us--
Stained, tattered, faded, torn...
All that is left are a pocketful of memories
And wondering should I say hello,
To a stranger I once loved.


If you liked that, come back later. If I copyright a few more, they will be on this page soon.