Let's go to the Cafť!

Let's go to the Cafť!

Fur das auf Deutsch, Hier geclicken.

Schmitterling: This is a good restaurant, letís go in.

Minderweitigkeitskomplex: Yes! They have good foodópenguin and dog. Iíll have a martini!!

Schmitterling:Youíre not twenty one..

Minderweitigkeitskomplex:Duh! Does it look like I care?

Schmitterling: No. I like to drink blood..

Irelande: I like to drink beer.

Schmitterling: You arenít twenty-one, either.

Irelande: Itís all the same. Iíll eat some slugs.

Minderweitigkeitskomplex: Gross! If you want snails, go to France.

Schmitterling: No, thatís snails.

Irelande: Can we eat now?!

Schmitterling: Yeah, letís go in.

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