Interesting Facts About Daily Life In Germany

Schmitterling is currently living in Germany, and she frequently mentions things that Germans do differently than Americans do, things that we just take for granted and would probably never think about on a daily basis. Germans eat marshmellow Peeps on buns, some of which contain poppy and sesame seeds.
The Sprite available in Germany is not nearly as sweet as the Sprite sold in the United States.
Germans eat french fries using their forks, and with ketchup and mayonaise on them.
German shopping establishments charge for plastic bags.
The keyboards in Germany have the Y and Z keys reversed from how keyboards in the United States are laid out.
In Germany, parking places for cars tend to be on the curb rather than next to it.
German television airs soft-core pornography on weekend evenings.
The cheese known as Mozzerella in Germany is very different from the cheese sold under that name in the United States.
Germans really know how to make chocolate.
In Germany, they use trams as mass transit.
You can literally get by without a car in Germany, because they have such good mass transit.
Snails in Germany are "more interesting" than those in the United States.

I will continue to add more interesting facts as Schmitterling relays them to me.

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