At the Cafť Antarctica

FŁr das auf Deutsch, Hier Geclicken!

Minderweitigkeitskomplex: Letís go to the Cafť Antarctica. I hear they have good penguin.

Schmitterling: I would like to go. My favourite food is baked seal.

Minderweitigkeitskomplex: Youíre so illiterate! Youíre a pineapple! Iíd like to have otter and eggyolk.

Schmitterling: No! I have fluffy matching underwear.

Minderweitigkeitskomplex: I donít care. The Cafť Antarctica is not a house or prostitution or a strip joint! It is a four star restaurant!

Schmitterling: Yes, I know. It was a joke.

Minderweitigkeitskomplex: OK. The letís go!

Schmitterling: No, Iím going to bomb Washington, D.C.!

Minderweitigkeitskomplex: You have no common sense!

Schmitterling: You arenít right in the head. I will squeeze your bladder, and that will be very embarrasing!

Minderweitigkeitskomplex: Youíre not right in the head. Iím getting out of here!

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