The Ever Infamous Blood And Sausage Skit

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Blood:  Schmitterling(Schmitt)
Sausage:  Minderweitigkeitskomplex(Keitskom)

The Scene: a grocery store in middle america

Time: early afternoon

Blood:  I found a bloody, mangled finger in my tomatoe sauce.
  Can I have a refund?

Sausage:  If you bring it in, I will give you your money back.

Blood:  My little sister ate it.  She thought it was a hotdog and 
ate it on one of your moldy buns.  Can I have a refund on that too?

Sausage:  Only if your little sister dies.

Blood:  Then I will go kill her.  Would you like her fingers for
 the tomatoe sauce?

Sausage:  No, we stopped doing that last week.  Now we but
 tongues in the tomatoe sauce and and fingers in 
the veggie soup.

Blood:  That sounds good!  I like tongue.  Can I have a cup?

Sausage:  Certainly.  Would you like to try our roast dog?  It's 
the special this century.

Blood:  No thanks, I have a live one at home.

Sausage:  How about a pineapple?  They are marinated in 
sedatives.  That way, you can go to sleep and we can
 use your body parts for our products.

Blood:  I'm getting out of here!  You're crazy(i.e., you have a 
titmouse{small bird} nesting in your brain.)

Das war gechriebt:
 by Schmitterling Mattingly und 
Keitskom Rolfes

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