This site is a supporter of the Immortal Estsette. The estsette is going to be phased out of the German language by the year 2000. This is really quiet a tragedy, as there is nothing on Earth quite like an estsette. It would be like taking the tilde {~} off of the N in spanish, or taking the out of Swedish, the out of the Anid, or our own cecilla {}. The Immortal Estsette must live on!

Minderweitigkeitskomplexs Deutshepapier

Mit das Interessant Deutsche Dialougen

Auf Englisch, bitte! OK, OK, ich werde auf Englisch gespreche!


Note: for the purposes of Keitskom's pages, a "B" will represent and estsette, and a ":" will immediately follow any umlauted vowel to indicate such. Thank you for putting up with any inconvience. if they would just put the stupid things on the keyboard.....Schrieben auf deine Komputer....sorry, thinking in German. Write your Congressman or computer manufacturer and complain! Please! You will help German students all over the Disunited States of Amerigo Vespuci!
Das Interestante Deutsche Dialougen:

 Blut Und Wrst
Auf dem Cafe Sdpolantarktisch
Heute Gehen Wir Zum Caf!

Bitte? Mann trink Wien in Wein

More to come! Actual links to the dialogues to come, as well!

Interesting things that are different in the United States than in Germany

Auf Wiedertippen, all!


By the way...

If you want to place umlauts and estsettes in your own documents, click start on Windows '95 and newer, go to programs, accessories, character map. You should find everything you need there.
All skits written and performed by Keitskom and Schmitt(Schmitterling) Skits may be reproduced with permission. If it's for a good cause, or a humourous cause, or just a cause we like, and you give us credit, we're most likely to let you use them. Now, I know you are all bored out of your mind, so I'll give you a link to the 50Megs homepage. Just click on the pretty box.
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