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Network for Excellence in Women's Sexual Health
This is the web site of the Berman doctors, who have done the latest research on FSD

My Testosterone Page
Some information on low testosterone, its symptoms, and what to do about it.

My FSD Story

Vulvar Vestibulitis
A testimony about VV, how to treat it, and where to find a doctor for it.

My page on Treatments for FSD
Does Viacreme work? What about Vitara? Niagra? Viagra? This page discusses what's in these products and if they work.

Quick sexual self-assessment quiz

The-Clitoris.com, a Web site about women's sexuality, very informative.

NEWSHE discussion forum about FSD

Web site about the EROS prescription aid for poor vaginal blood flow.

Informative site about FSD

Informational page
about the side-effects of oral contraceptives, both positive and negative.

Physician Locator

Before continuing, there is an on-site
List of Doctors Who Treat FSD.

The following physicians have indicated their interest in treating women who may have Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD). Please click on your state to find a list of physicians in your area. To find the physician nearest you, enter your zip code in the box below.

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