The graphics below were created by me, or modifyed from their original version so they are totally different from how they were before, by me. These may not be used without permission from me! No photographs on this site may be used without permission, either. No text can be used without permission, nor can any music files.

The text, music and graphics on this site are my intellectual property. All songs are my original compositions.

A few of the images were created for me by a friend. They will be listed at the bottom of this page. I do not wish to take credit for what I did not do. These images were created for my use only, and they are not to be reproduced, either.

Any free graphic not created by me may be stolen by me freely. Click here for a list of graphics I found on free graphics sites. All others have been used with permission, and without permission of the creator, you may not use any other graphics.

I list only graphics I know to be free graphics, but as I have been creating web pages for a long time, it is difficult to acertain which were found on free sites, and which were used with permission. I will only list those I know to be from free sites.

Any information may be quoted, but only if it is accompanied to the URL and I am given credit.

Exceptions include greeting cards and FSD information. Greeting cards may be sent without notifying me. FSD information is for the benefit of others, and any of it can be copied, in part or in whole, as long as it is not taken out of context.

The following graphics were created by me:

                            / | \  
                           __________ /__|__\____________
                          /   |   \
                          /   /|\   \
                           /   / | \   \ 

The following graphics were created by my friend Chris "Angel" Shinkle for my personal web site. These grapics were created for use on this web site only.

Note: AngAnon Greetings was initially a joint venture, but the extent of Angel's contribution was the creation of this graphic.