So, you find yourself here at the About Anonoymah page.
Why have you come here? Interested in this freak, are you?
Yes, I admittedly am a freak.
So what did you think as you stepped onto my homepage?
A lot of Celtic and Medieval stuff...the colors burgandy, green, and purple, predominately. Victorian font. What kind of a person is this Anonoymah?
From the look of that, it's hard to say. Obviously I like these sorts of things.
And then you get to my greeting cards, which vary enormously according to the mood I was in when I created them.
Some, you'd never want to send, such as my current Mother's Day and Father's Day cards. Some might be the most appropriate thing you COULD send, such as my pet lover's cards. Animals, and especially dogs, mean so much to me. I cannot live without a dog in my life. I could probably live in isolation from all humans better than I could survive without a dog.
Like I said, I'm a freak. To see pictures of my dog Maxx, click here.
I've been recently working on a lot of original graphics for my web pages. You will find original graphics littered across my site. Therefore, if you want to copy any images, please ask me first. I've worked very hard on my original works, and I don't want just anyone to have them without me at least getting some credit for them. You cannot link to my images. My server will not let you. You would have to save them onto your site. (I don't think this is true of my new server, though, this was from my old page.)

But enough about that, about me!
I am currently an anthropology major at a United States university in an undisclosed location in Indiana. I am a U.S. citizen. I feel that I'm less of a person for that, because Americans are the most boring conformists in the world as far as I can see. I am a caucasian american and I admit to being somewhat racist against caucasian americans.
Perhaps what I mean is that I have a lot of reverse racism toward people who are not part of mainstream American culture. Khaki pants scare me. I do not own any T-Shirts. I hate McDonald's. I am not normal, so normality frightens me a bit. So to Republicans. And scissors. And snakes. Well, you get the idea.
I have a psychotic sense of humor, but it's just that--a sense of humor. I would never hurt a person unless I mentally snapped. I would never harm an animal unless it needed to die (that is, if it was suffering, if it was a pesky insect, or if I was hungry).
Speaking of food, I am a carnin. Hehe. New word for you. It's the opposite of a vegan. I eat meat, cheese, milk, and a few other items that might label me omniverous, but I do not eat "rabbit food," that is, vegetables or other such things. I do eat fruits and other things which do not kill the plant when picked.
You fell for that?! Come on! Yes, I'm a carnivore, but I also eat corn, carrots, potatoes, bread, rice, pasta, and dairy. So I'm not a carnin but a carnivore. I love animals, don't get me wrong, but if animals are not eaten they will overpopulate the earth. The same with people. I do not, however, encourage canabalism. There are other ways to keep the population down. If we limit our reproduction, we can make the world population go down. If no one has more than two surviving offspring we can protect ourselves from overpopulation.
More about me. I enjoy history, but mostly cultural anthropology and archaeology. I'm more interested in how people lived, what they believed, et cetera, than when what war happened. I detest war.
As far as outdoor recreation is concerned, I love to hike and sometimes go camping. I also like just walking around on a nice day.
Dispite this, I refuse to get a suntan. I like the way I look better without one. It's goes along with the whole love of Medieval and Rennaisance art and clothing I have.
I enjoy writing. Piano and guitar music, short stories, lousy poetry, scripts to movies that never get made, and currently a science fiction novel that I'll probably never finish.
I've been playing the piano since I was about three years old, and I started taking lessons in the second grade. My first semester of college, I majored in music, but the major didn't suit me and I switched first to history and then anthropology.
Getting bored yet? OK, well, so am I. For a more detailed and boring rant on my life history, click at the bottom of the page.
I can't think of much I'm leaving out at the moment. I'm sure there's plenty. Oh, theatre. I'm a member of the International Thespian Society. Whatever that matters. I haven't been in a play for three years. I miss it a lot, but I've simply been way too busy. I was in more plays than anyone in the history of my high school. Now, here I am in college way too busy to even audition.
But I do keep busy. One of the important things in my life is researching world religions. I do this whenever possible, but unfortunately this is not often. I've been working on a page of my religious beliefs, but it's not up yet. There is just so much involved.
I got married on January 4, 2001, to a FREAK who has not updated his web page since July 3, 2000.
My freak and I are very happy together. We have never had an argument, which, I've been told, is impossible. We enjoy almost all the same things. He has gotten me involved with live-action role-playing games (LARPs) since we got married. It has been a good outlet for my repressed acting abilities, though I enjoy creating characters, coming up with an idea and writing the background story, more than I enjoy playing. It is sort of like impromptu theater.
More about school, I am just about to graduate. Well, it will still be a while. I would be graduating August 2002 if I had not transfered, but I had to transfer after we got married because of my husband's work. If I can take an independant study course, I will graduate in December, 2002. If not, it will be May, 2002. The silly people. I need to take a course called Human Variation, and I didn't take it the last time it was offered because I'd already taken a course called Human Variation. The problem is, the course I took was in cultural variation, and this one is on "Problems of racial classification. Human variation in terms of Mendelian, molecular, and population genetics; human biology; and culture." So now I'm stuck here in Stenchville (my affectionate name for the Armpit of America in which I live) until I can get that course in.
But I'm needing to get to things other than talking about myself to people who will never bother to read it, so here's that link...