There are several different types of greeting cards. The instructions for all cards used to be:
Select a card, and click on the button below it. Type in the victom's--er--addressee's, e-mail address, add a personal message, and attatch this web page to it by clicking on the button labeled "Attachments" and clicking on Attach Web Page and then click "OK" about three times, then click "Send."


We aplolgize for the inconvenience, and are working on a new format, but for now, you can only send our cards if you have a working default mail box on your browser.

Now, however, we have abandoned that new format, and chosen another. Now everyone can send AngAnon Greeting Cards!
Instructions: After selecting your greeting card, there are two ways to send it.
1. If you have mailing software, click on the AngAnon logo.
2. If you have web-based e-mail, simply copy the URL into a message and click send.
3. If you have Pine mail, or another antiquated e-mail system, copy the URL into the message.

Some of our cards cannot be viewed properly as attachments, as the backgrounds are lost. If the background is solid while or black, you can attach the card. Otherwise, simply copy and paste the URL into the message. Something like, "I was thinking of you today, and I saw this. Check it out!" Any web-based e-mail will be able to view the card, and most other e-mail software will as well. Exceptions are obviously free Juno mail, which does not allow web browsing, and other such free dial-in mail programs. Also, anyone using Pine, UNIX, a Lynx browser, or any other sort of text-only software, will have to switch over to a graphical web browser to view our cards properly. The text should be viewable in any browser.
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