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It is our goal to direct the people to the Lord, to find love and purpose for their lives, and to make disciples of them as the Bible directs. House of Hope Mission Bible Training Center, a branch of Mission Teens, Inc., is a non-profit, non-denominational organization with a Christ-centered residential discipleship program for people of all backgrounds with histories of drugs, alcohol, and emotional problems.

The Founder

Rev. James D. Bracken founded Mission Teens, Inc. in 1969. He opened his first residential center in Norma, NJ. He knew there was a need for more effective ministry for the troubled young people that were attending his home prayer meetings. His desire to help troubled teens led him to establish his first Mission Center.

The Ministry

Since 1962, it has been Rev. Bracken's desire to minister God's love to people. He has used radio ministry, newsletter articles, and personal counseling to fulfill this goal. Jim has given his life to ministering the gospel to the lost and to teaching others to do likewise. The Mission Teens ministry is a result and a reflection of Jim's own ministry.


Adults, ages 18 and up, can apply to any of our centers for help. Admission is on a bed available basis. We ask that the person be willing to seek God for answers to their life, and be willing and able to follow the schedule of programs.

Perspective residents should call the overseer at the center of their choice, all of which are listed at the on this site. A preliminary interview may be done over the phone, but most centers require the person to come in to see the facility and meet the staff before being accepted.

We do require some initial blood tests before accepting a person. It is important to know that the program is highly structured. If a person cannot follow the structure of the rules and schedule, they will not be permitted to stay.

Any serious health or legal problems should be taken care of before coming into the center. Only emergency medical care will be sought for the person while in the training program, and any medical expenses are the responsibility of the resident. All prescription medication must be approved by the Resident Director at the center. Typically, only non-addictive, non-narcotic medications will be approved. All medications are administered by the staff according to the prescription.

A bedroom

About the Curriculum

We treat each resident as a member of the family. There are 5 and a half hours each day spent in Bible study and worship, and the course amounts to approximately one year of Bible School. There is a comprehensive study of the New Testament and a general survey of the Old Testament. Each resident matures through four phases of discipleship development, gaining more and more responsibility and privileges. He will learn to lead devotions, counsel, teach, and discipline. He will become an inspiration to others, and will be able to direct them to Christ. He will grow in decision-making and learn to make his stand for the Lord.

Length and Structure

Training takes place in four phases, with increasing responsibilities and privileges in each phase. Upon entering the program, the resident will be given a two month induction period with few privileges other than sending and receiving mail and will have no responsibilities other than simple daily chores.

In the next two stages, he will begin to assume certain job responsibilities. With these increased responsibilities comes increased privileges such as receiving and making phone calls, visits from family, and weekends at home.

In the final phase of the program, the resident is actually in training to be a counselor, and will council other residents of lower status, and then will make a report to senior staff. In this way, he will learn to help others as he was helped.

A Day at the House of Hope

The daily schedule is basically:
7:00   Wake-up     12:30   Lunch
7:15   Dressed & Bed Made     1:30   Work Chore
7:30   Exercises     4:00   Free Time
8:00   Breakfast     6:00   Dinner
8:30   Daily Chore     6:30   Daily Chore
9:00   Devotions     7:30   Devotions
9:40   Bible Class     9:30   Snack
10:40   Bible Class     10:00   In Rooms
11:40   Reading/Counseling     10:30   Lights Out
A Day at the House of Hope

Success Rate

Since 1979, over 5,000 people have come in to the various Mission Teens centers. In our annual review, we hear from about 65% of our graduates. Of those, approximately 90% are doing well. In addition, approximately 40% of the non-graduates we hear from are doing well. Many have gone into Christian ministries, and some have stayed on to the work in the centers.

The Staff

Almost all of our staff are graduates of the discipleship training program. They do not receive any salary, but work as missionaries, giving back their life to serve the Lord by reaching out to others. The Assistant Executive Directors at each center work directly with Rev. Jim Bracken to train the staff, oversee the general condition of the buildings, and raise the necessary support, as well as teach, counsel, etc. Each center also has an overseer who is in charge of daily operations. Anyone seeking admission into the center needs to call the overseer at that center.

You Can Help Too

There are many opportunities for you to get involved with us and help throughout the year.

All of our classes and night meetings are led by volunteers. Some are teachers at church, some are previous graduates, some are just Christian friends of the Mission. If you would like to help by teaching a class, call the center and speak to one of the directors. Typically, we keep a full schedule of teachers for regular classes, but Saturday nights are reserved for guest speakers.

Director, Pete Latrenta

During the holidays we have many special activities such as talent shows, food drives, special meals, etc. You can help by donating food or funds, or just by coming out to fellowship with us for a holiday.

Also throughout the year we have a few fund-raising efforts. Any assistance you can provide in this area it greatly appreciated.

There are some special needs from time to time such as reading tutors, GED study help, transportation, etc. Let us know if you want to help in any way. We would be grateful for it.


Mission Teens, Inc. is a faith ministry. We do not charge for our services, and we do not receive any funding from the government. All of our support comes for concerned individuals and a few churches who are sensitive to the type of work we do. We do not receive any denominational funding. Each of our centers is expected to raise its own support from local sources.

We do not charge anyone for the services we provide. Our goal is to help people who have life controlling problems, such as drug or alcohol additions, by ministering the gospel to them.

Mailing List

We publish a newsletter each month which contains information about upcoming events, needs, etc., as well as a letter intended to minister encouragement to its readers. If you would like to be put on our mailing list, please send your name and address to our main office. Or you can call and do the same.

Mission Centers

Mission Teens - Vineland, NJ - (856) 691-9855
Restoration Ranch - North Alabama - (256) 381-0930
Mission Bible Training Center - Upper Peninsula of Michigan - (906) 265-6247
Sunrise Mission Bible Training Center - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - (954) 485-0951
Savannah Mission Bible Training Center - Savannah, GA - (912) 234-7000
Northwest Mission Bible Training Center - Portland, OR - (503) 289-7758
Midwest Mission Bible Training Center - Cresco, IA - (319) 547-3286

Contact Information

Peter Latrenta, Executive Director email