Fascinating Malaysia beckons all:  the seasoned  traveler as well as  the 
   uninitiated  seeking to discover for the first time,  its much publicized
   charms.Selamat Datang!  It means 'welcome'  in Bahasa Melayu,  the
   national language. This  greeting  that's written on the faces, expressed 
   in the  gestures  and exhibited in the unrestrained friendliness  of  its 
   people reflect  the  heartwarming charm and genuine  hospitality  of  the 
   country. This is  merely a  prologue  to its  more  alluring attractions. 
   Malaysia is steeped in  interesting  cultural traditions -  the elaborate 
   festivities, the sartorial splendors, unique arts and crafts,dance forms, 
   food and architecture. Beyond this  captivating facade of her multiracial 
   make-up, Malaysia is endowed with an  abundance of other assets that have 
   attracted increasing number of tourists to its shores.

   Be ready to step back  millions of  years  in time or usher yourself into
   her heightening modernity. Shutterbugs  and nature freaks can seek refuge 
   in  its  natural  paradise  of  lush  tropical greenery, wooden m ountain 
   ridges,cascading rapids and icy cold waterfalls.The primeval rainforests,
   untouched for about 130  million years, are home to  numerous  species of 
   birds and wildlife.The flora is rich.And it really is a mesmerizing sight 
   taking in the  views  of  virgin  forests  and  their  somnolent canopies 
   stretching seamlessly to misty tops of  fabled  mountains. The setting is 
   perfect for bird-watching,trekking, white-water rafting,cave exploration, 
   mountain climbing, and camping.
   Lovers of the sun,  sea  and  underwater  adventure will find their dream
   holiday  in  Malaysia  fulfilled. Both the  western and eastern shores of
   Peninsular Malaysia as well as Sabah and Sarawak offer endless  stretches 
   of beaches. Of Malaysia's one thousand and seven islands, 38 of them have 
   been declared as  marine  parks. The  island and the surrounding seas are 
   ideal for diving, snorkeling, swimming, yachting, windsurfing,boating and 
   underwater photography.
   Malaysia presents an exotic blend of old and new. In the cities,the signs
   of  modernity  and  technological  progress is evident in the intelligent
   skyscrapers, high  speed urban transportation, advanced telecommunication
   systems and information technology revolution.Yet a short drive away from
   the  cities  brings one to see the country at its rustic best. Visualized
   scattered wooden houses with smoke seeping out and engulfing the air with 
   a whiff  of  the  lazy fragrance of wood-fire and the aroma of local home
   cooking.  The  lush  carpets  of  paddy fields, local children reeling or
   scooping up fish from the canals,the rolling plains of rubber estates and
   the pleasant green plantations of oil palm are simply breathtaking.

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