Malaysian Night at Indiana State University

   Greetings and Congratulations to all Members of the Malaysian
   Association for Student Affairs at Indiana State University: 

   It gives me great pleasure to participate in Malaysian Night and in
   the launching of the Malaysian Association for Student Affairs Web
   Page.  How exciting for you all and for the Association!  I know I
   speak for the faculty, administration and staff of Indiana State
   University when I say how proud we are on this occasion and of this
   group for establishing the MASA Web Page.  It will truly connect us to
   the entire world.

   Just within the past week I've been in touch (by e-mail) with two
   Indiana State University graduates who returned to Malaysia and are
   doing very well in their professional positions.  One is involved in
   the Internet industry in Malaysia and the other works for the United
   Nations doing Information Technology covering the Asian Pacific.  It
   is indeed exciting to see these two following in the path of success 
   so common with our ISU Malaysian graduates.   Naturally these students
   were full of questions about MASA and about the University in general.
   The Web Page will be a wonderful way to keep hundreds of ISU
   Malaysian alumni throughout the world up to date on what is happening
   with the Malaysian Association for Student Affairs at Indiana State
   University, and with news of the University itself.

   I want to say what a great privilege it has been for me to serve as
   advisor for the Malaysian Association for Student Affairs for almost
   nine years.  I have met the most wonderful people, have sampled some
   of the best cuisine in the world, and have accumulated some of my most
   fond memories because of my involvement with this group.  As some of
   you know, my daughter spent seven weeks in Bangkok, Thailand this
   summer.  She was captivated by the culture and by the people and has a
   very deep desire to return to that part of the world.  After years of
   being encouraged to do so by my many friends in MASA, it looks as if a
   trip to Malaysia may be becoming more of a reality for me than a
   far-off dream-particularly if my daughter returns to Southeast Asia
   for an extended period of time.   

   It is gratifying to see the present MASA members continuing the
   tradition of excellence which has long characterized the work and
   presence of Malaysian students at Indiana State University.  The
   launching of this Web Page is indeed a significant accomplishment and
   I am privileged to be part of it.  I also want to congratulate you on
   your first-place finish in the booth design contest at the recent
   Terre Haute Ethnic Festival.   It's good to have the Malaysian
   students so visible, not only within the University community, but
   also in the Terre Haute community.

   Again, thank you for allowing me to participate in this wonderful
   event.  You have my best wishes for success in all your endeavors, and
   if there is any way I can be of assistance, I hope you'll call on me. 

   With best regards,
   Jan Arnett
   MASA Advisor, and 
   Special Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs, Indiana
   State University