On Tap!

Congratulations Graduates!!
Spring semester is almost over and the Commencement ceremony is just around the corner. MASA would like to congratulate the following members who will be graduating this May.

Isa Amri Bachelor of Art (Music)
Sabdin Harith Bachelor of Science (Human Resources)
Panil Jibul Bachelor of Science (Mgt.Info.Systems)
Haris Mahansah Bachelor of Science (Mgt.Info.Systems)
Hasan Mahali Bachelor of Science (Human Resources)
Razali Mohd.Zinin Bachelor of Science (Sports Management)
Mohd. Yuszren Yusak Bachelor of Science (Mgt.Info.Systems)
Mohd. Yahya Yusuf Bachelor of Science (Human Resources)
Ng Siew Ling Bachelor of Art (Music)

New Committee
Congratulations!! After the much awaited AGM that went peacefully and smoothly, MASA has came up with a new line of young, experienced, energetic and charismatic committee. MASA would like to thank the previous committee for all the hard work and support that they have contributed to this association. Here are the new committee:

President Haris Mahansah
V.President Mohd.Yuszren Yusak
Secretary Shireen Mohd.Aris
Treasurer Andrew Hong
Internet Panil Jibul
Social Kevin Chiew
Fund raising Mohd.Yahya Yusuf
Sports Ong Cheng Young
Auditor Ng Siew Ling