Events 1998

Soccer Tournament

Standing from the left side is Razali Zinin(Captain), Rahimi, Ramlan,Jasni(Asst. Manager), and Farris(Manager). Sitting from the left is Buck, Wan, Shabidin, Joe, Neil, and Jay.

Again in summer 1998, MASA represented Indiana State University in the Midwest Intervasity Games at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI. During this season our soccer team came up with some new talented players that led us to be the most respected team. However, because of some inevitable technical problems our team lost to WMU's men soccer team. Poor us!

Standing behind from the left side is Buck, Razali Zinin, Rahimi & Wan, Shabidin,Neil, Asst.Head Coach, Ali Ahmad (Head Coach), and Farris Salleh(Manager).
Sitting in front from the left side is MASA's pom-pom girls, Joe, Jay, and Ramlan.

Besides soccer team, MASA also on behalf of ISU did send some of its talented athletes to participate in track & field, volleyball, badminton, ping pong, and bowling tournaments. Unfortunately, I do not have their pictures to show off.

Overall games, we ended to be in the second place. I wish I had the pictures of us celebrating our victory to show it off.

HARIRAYA "Al-Mubarak"

In December 1998, Masa (under its former president Mr.Japri Abdul Malik) had successfully organized a very special event to Malaysian student community at ISU as a way to intermingle among us as well as with the non-Malaysian students and faculty members of ISU.

For your information (Non-Malaysians only), this special event is called "HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI" as in Malay language and "Al-Mubarak" as in Arabic language. This day is celerated by the muslims throughout the world right after the month of Ramadhan.The colorful dresses some of us are wearing in the pictures is our traditional dress which we usually wear during this special celebration.

sitting behind from the left side is Yusren(Webteam), Isa, Azis, Japri, Farris, Isa's daughter and Kak Idah(Isa's wife). Sitting in front from the left side is Neil(Webteam), Sabdin(SeTaN), and Shabidin's wife.

Part of the Hari Raya celebration is to visit friends houses and enjoy the special Hari Raya meal.