Events 1997

This is MASA's men soccer team (Terre Haute United) that went to Iowa State University for the Malaysian Midwest Intervarsity games, summer 1997. It was a great game, and our team ended as the first runner-up.
Standing from the left is Senawi, Neil, Ramlan, Sabdin, Japri, Razali,and Kim Mung.
Sitting from the left is Jay, Fuad, Joe, Haris, Izzaidin, and Roslan.

Standing from the left is Shabidin, Japri Abd.Malik, Joe Jamil, Sabdin Harith, Yusuf, Azlan, Panil, and Aziz.

This is taken during our semi-official trip (on behalf of MASA) to Columbus, Ohio in assisting new malaysian students transferring from Columbus University to Indiana State University.

Standing from the left is Yatt, Azis, Panil, Fuad, Didie, Sabdin, Azlan, Japri, Yusuf, and Roslan.

Again, Spring of 1997, MASA's friendly members had organized another trip to Findlay University, Ohio as a way to maintain close relationship with ex-ISUMASA as well as other Malaysian students from Findlay university.