We,the Malaysian students studying at Indiana  State  University 
             Terre Haute,Indiana, realizing that we are far from parents, relatives,
             and motherland, hereby agreed to  foster  closer   relationship among 
             Malaysian students to safeguard our nation  and  people,  in the  name 
             of an association.

             ARTICLE I

             The association should be called  Indiana  State  University Malaysian
             Association  for  Student  Affairs,  hereafter  designated  as ISUMASA.

             It shall be a non-profit organization.
             It shall be located within the Indiana State University campus.

             ARTICLE II
             To foster closer relationship among Malaysian students and students of 
             other nations.
             To represent Malaysia students at Indiana State University.
             To look after the welfare of its members.
             To promote religion, social sports, educational, and culture activities.

             To liaise with the Malaysian Embassy in Washington D.C. and in Chicago.

             To guide and develop Malaysian students as responsible future leaders.

             ARTICLE III
             ISUMASA shall be affiliated to the Malaysian Student Department,Student
             Government Association of Indiana State University, and shall work with 
             other organization in Indiana State University

             ARTICLE IV
             ISUMASA shall be financed through membership  fees (non-refundable),
             donations, and funds raised.
             Extraordinary financial measures must be approved by the EXCO.
             All money acquired through any project shall  be  deposited with  the 

             Both internal  and  external  auditors  shall  check  and rectify the 
             statements of accounts for the financial year  (at least every six month) 
             before the AGM.

ISUMASA constitution has been revised in 1991.

             Note: These are just some articles extracted from the MASA Constitution 
                   Book. If you have any questions, please  contact the Web Master.