First of all, I would like to congratulate the Information 
       Committee for the creation of this lovely homepage.  This committee  
       worked hard and their efforts paid off since MASA now being promoted 
       across the global network, and as such, has become a more valuable 
       student organization. This is the official homepage that has been 
       developed since almost twenty years, when MASA was launched.

       I also would like to thank all MASA members for their cooperation 
       and their innovative thoughts regarding all MASA activities. They 
       were unrelenting while at the same time showed their expertise and
       knowledge, which I have no doubt they learned from being students.
       This year is different from other past years.  Many of the activities
       which have been thought of are new and all of these endeavors have
       been very successful. I strongly recommend that everybody join in as
       a collective whole to continue placing great effort, reforming,
       illustrating their expertise and knowledge, and cooperating in an
       effort to have MASA reach its fullest potential. Let us feel that
       these achievements are just the beginning of our great pursuits
       before we enter into more global fields.    

       In the new millennium that we will face shortly, I would like to 
       take this moment to say all the best to everyone in facing a new 
       great challenge. We have to look forward morally and mentally. The 
       global scenario and our country's scenario should make us aware that 
       we really do need to reform. We cannot be excluded from such
       participation because, as our slogan states, "Obligation has to be
       buried and not to be unburied." To quote another very meaningful
       phrase, this time from the great American president, John F. Kennedy,
       "Do not ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do
       for your country."  This means we cannot avoid or be ignorant of what
       is happening in society. As intellectual beings, we have a strong
       responsibility to our country and its citizens.  

       This awareness is important and should become our vision as educated
       people and as humans. Ultimately,  I hope each of you will be more
       aggressive in challenging the new millennium.

       Thank You and Wassalam!

       Shazman Shalong
       President of MASA 1999/2000