Masa was established in 1986 begining with 30 members. Since then, the number of its members have been incresed to 400+ in 1987-1998. This is due to the increasing number of student sent overseas by the Malaysian government and private sponsor as well.

The economic crisis that strucked SouthEast Asia in the late 1998 however had effected the policy of sending students to study overseas. Tight regulation had been made for students to study abroad. This situation had affected MASA as well. The reduction of Malaysian studying in ISU had been decreasing from 55% in 1995 to 89% in 1997.



The objectives of MASA are to foster close relationship among Malaysian students and students from other nation, represent the Malaysian community in the Terre Haute area and ISU in general besides looking after the welfare of its member, which is the very most important part of this association.

Realizing that we are far from our parents and country, it is important to keep a close relationship between Malaysian students studying at ISU. MASA will provide any kinds of support it can give to its members ranging from finance to education. Because we firmly believe that united we stand devided we fall.

Despite of the economic crisis, MASA as it was back in 1980s still being one of the most active, supportive, respectful and well recognized non-profit associations has ever existed at ISU. Currently, MASA has about 20+ registered members whose sharing the same common interests/enthusiasms, and pursuing high quality of education at ISU.


We hope that MASA will serve as a medium of success for its members who are pursuing a better education in ISU. MASA is also cordially welcoming any new Malaysian students from both outside and inside the USA who want to enroll at Indiana State university. Should you need to contact us, please click on this SITE.