Changing your password:

The first thing you ought to do when you first login, is to change your password to something you will find easier to remember (that is, if your password isn't already something you want). When choosing your password, choose one that isn't in any English or foreign dictionary. You're choice should include both upper and lowercase letters and some digits and be at least 6 characters long (e.g. "fTg42jIk"). To actually change your password, type at your prompt, the following:


then press the enter (or return) key to execute the command. You will be prompted for your old password, which you should then type in (you will not see it when you type). Then it will ask you for your new password, which you will have to verify by entering it again. Thus you should see:

	Changing password for user on machine.
	Old password:
	New password:
	Retype new password:

If you fail to enter either your old password or new password correctly, it will let you know. If that happens, just start over again until you get it right.