System News

On this system I will from time to time use this news system to inform you on developments with this system and educate you on proper usage. These messages can be quite lengthy and you may not have time to read them, since you only read them once you might let one scroll past and not know how to re-read it.

You can re-read the news at any time with the news command. To see a listing of news articles use: "news -an". To read a particular article use:

news -p <article-name>

to read all of them use:

news -ap

To post a news message yourself, use "addnews <subject>" and type your message. Or edit your message first, then type:

addnews <sub> < <filename>

Use this command to send a message to everyone instead of using mail.

To delete a message you have posted, use "delnews <subject>" The subject for both addnews and delnews should be one word, or at least not contain spaces.