lynx [url]
Lynx is a text based HyperText browser. Naturally it is limited in its function, and cannot display all the pretty pictures (and so cannot do image maps). Lynx is handy for reading documentation in the form of html files, browsing ftp or gopher services or not so serious web browsing while in a telnet session or when X-windows is not an option.

URL's are formed just like in Mosaic or netscape, valid URL's are:
http://<addr> - Browse a WWW server.
gopher://<addr> - Browse a gopher server.
telnet://<addr> - Telnet to a remote host.
ftp://<addr> - Connect to an ftp site.
mailto:<mail-addr> - Mail a message to someone.
news:<usenet-group> - Read usenet news.
<filename> - Display the html file.

Use the arrow keys to move the "cursor" on the screen to different links. Use return or right arrow to follow a link and left arrow to go back. Use 'Q' to exit lynx.