The Fall 1999 Pledge Class
About Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity

The desire for a fraternal organization with a business focus led to the founding of Alpha Kappa Psi. That was back on October 5, 1904 at New York University. Today the need for this exciting and productive combination of values is just as great. A. K. Psi is among the twenty largest national college fraternities with over 140,000 members, including 4,500 faculty - most of whom are successful business executives. It is a complete, well integrated, capably administered national business fraternity standing for the highest ideals of conduct and achievement in university and professional life. 

Alpha Kappa Psi attracts a high-quality student. The average grade point is over 3.0 and members join the Fraternity to enhance their business education. The chapters conduct professional programs with both educators and businessmen. To further supplement the traditional classroom experience, there are business field trips, seminars, career activities, research surveys and other professional events. In addition, service to the school and community is encouraged. 

The Anthem of Alpha Kappa Psi

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
And Alpha Kappa Psi?
Shall we pass slowly out of view,
Without regret or sigh?
For Alpha Kappa Psi, my friend, for Alpha Kappa Psi,
We'll bless the days that we have spent,
In Alpha Kappa Psi.
We'll work with might and main to win
Our meed of daily praise,
But ne'er shall we in after years
Forget fraternal days.

ISU Alma Mater

Out upon the swelling breezes, 
let our voices ring.

As to thee our Alma Mater, 
heartfelt praise we sing.

Though the years to come may part us, 
friends and comrades true.

ISU, or Alma Mater, here's our pledge to you.