The Mission of Alpha Kappa Psi

Alpha Kappa Psi's Mission is to develop well trained, ethical, skilled, resourceful and experienced business leaders.

Our mission statement, as adopted by the Board of Directors, embodies the Purposes, Objects and Rituals of our Fraternity. Our mission statement is a clear, concise guide that allows us to objectively measure each program and policy of the organization. Chapters and volunteers at all levels should utilize the document to gauge the effectiveness of operations and program content. Behaviors or programs that do not fit our philosophy should be revised or brought to an end. 

Our overall goal is a special one, the preparation of men and women for future success. Colleges and universities teach valuable lessons in the classroom. However, the living laboratory of Alpha Kappa Psi gives our collegians the practice they need in developing advanced communication skills, a true understanding of the value of teamwork and firsthand experience with the unique challenges of motivating a team through project completion. 

The mission statement empowers our members to make the most of their experience by letting them measure the effectiveness of their own programs. Our Mission is a tool to assist volunteers with their work at the chapter level. As strategic planning begins, you can ask the question; "How does this (program, policy, idea, etc.) help us fulfill the Mission of Alpha Kappa Psi?" Outstanding efforts begin with the end in mind. The Mission of Alpha Kappa Psi makes our desired result quite clear.